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Providing UK based charities with access to the support, funding and advice they need to thrive and achieve their charitable aims

What would it mean to your organisation and service users if you had the finances to resource your projects fully without having to worry about funding?

How much more lives could your charity impact if you had the income to extend the reach of your projects?

What would it mean to your community if you had the finance to create new projects and impact more lives?

We make these things a reality for our clients. By working with GoodtoGive you will develop a wider awareness of the grant funding process, and become more confident and better prepared for winning grants and maximising your organisations income.

Let us help you reach your charitable objectives

As a company we cover all areas of funding support for charities and community organisations.

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What is preventing your organisation from accessing grant funding?

Applying for grant funding from Trusts, Foundations, Local Authorities and other Funding Bodies is usually time consuming, can be stressful and commands high levels of commitment. 

In addition, many organisations do not have the correct policies in place; keep poor accounts; have little or no primary evidence of what they deliver (e.g. surveys, consultations, reports etc.) and aren’t ready to apply for funding.

We know how severe a lack of funding can be 

We understand what it’s like to be faced with an increased need for your services, that you cannot meet due to financial limitations. In some cases, we know that your organisations very existence is at risk due to a lack of funding.

This is why we have developed a tailored service that manages the funding process from beginning to end, ensures that you are fit for funding and gives you the best possible chances of winning grants and tendering bids.

A strategic approach to getting your organisation funding ready

Charity Strategy

Built on over 25 years experience

GoodtoGive have developed a strategic roadmap to get your organisation fit for funding. We know what grant funders are looking for because our team have over 25 years experience securing funding from local authorities and grant funding bodies like the National Lottery, Lloyds Bank Foundation, National Lottery, MACC, Henry Smith Foundation, and many other sources.

Our Charity Roadmap is designed to ensure that you meet the requirements and have the credibility that Grant Funders are looking for. We will ensure that your organisation is as attractive to funders as possible by filling any gaps that may exist in your organisations governance, financial management data controls and more.

We support your organisation through the entire funding process

We are a full-service partner for Charities, Not for Profit Organisations, CICs and Community Organisations

Funding consultancy

We aim to build relationships with our clients, so that we fully understand your organisations needs and capture all the information/knowledge needed, for the GoodtoGive Fundraising team to produce best quality applications, that have a high probability of success.

Funding consultancy
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Funding Plan

We will use our expertise to identify the funders that your organisation will have the best possible chances of achieving grant funding success with. Our team will produce a funding plan, which will show funders’ criteria, application processes and deadlines.

Funding Research

We will explore sources of information that already exist, through the internet, reports, studies etc.

Funding research
Grant applications

Funding bids and grant applications

Once we have collected all your information and gathered the most recent and appropriate secondary sources; we will take all this information and develop the best quality applications, on behalf of your organisation.


We proactively position you to provide projects that local authorities are looking for.

Many organisations/companies may be reluctant to tender, as they feel the process is too long and time consuming, or they have been unsuccessful in the past. Many also believe that funders/buyers will have already chosen who they want to win contracts.

Yes!! The process of tendering is long, in-depth and can be complex. However our Head of Funding, Dominic Pinnock has been winning tenders for over a decade and his specialist support and guidance has resulted in organisations becoming better prepared to respond to tenders from funders/buyers, who have already established a need for their services.


Service Delivery Management (SDM)

Service Delivery Management is our personalised project management process that ensures that all parties are kept informed, deadlines are met and the project is kept on track.

As part of our SDM process you have access to an online portal where you can view key milestones, progress updates and documentation. It also gives you direct access to our team via a live chat facility.

A dedicated Service Delivery Manager will be your primary point of contact, and will ensure that you are kept informed throughout the process.

A Real Review From a Real Client


"Working with Dominic and his team has been like a breath of fresh air. We have increased the level of funding coming into our organisation and widened our scope of project work, thus increasing the benefits of our services for our tenants"
Director, Rubina Bokhari
Bradford Cyrenions

An Expert Fundraising Team

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Our Head of Funding - Dominic Pinnock

Dominic Pinnock, our Head of Funding is a fundraising expert with over 25 years experience of developing funding strategies and applications.

He has successfully helped numerous charities achieve grants totalling in excess of £7.5 million with a variety of funding bodies, e.g. National Lottery, Henry Smith Charity, Mercers Fund, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Government Funding and Local Authority tenders.

Our Head of Funding has a proven track record of winning contracts from the expression of interest stage until the evaluation and submittal stage. GoodtoGive has developed a structured approach to winning tenders and one important part of this is courting the funding body/agent.It is important that clients build a relationship with funders, as this will be beneficial at the decision making stage.

Funding Project Team

A Real Review From A Real Client


GoodtoGive and helped us to achieve the 3rd highest amount of funding in the UK, from the Home Office Windrush pot and they supported us through every step of our journey.
Education 2000

What makes the GoodtoGive Fundraising Support Service different?

Exceptional funding success rates

The average success rate for funding applications is around 30%, our success rate is 70%, significantly higher than the average.

Our team has secured funding in excess of £7.5 million

We have successfully helped numerous charities achieve grants totalling in excess of £7.5 million with a variety of funding bodies, e.g. National Lottery, Henry Smith Charity, Mercers Fund, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Government Funding and Local Authority tenders.

Tailored processes to meet your needs

Our processes are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client we are working with. This ensures that we produce applications of the highest quality, that are genuinely representative of what our clients want to achieve funding for.

A highly experienced fundraising team

Our fundraising team consists of five experienced Bid Writers. Collectively they are experts covering all the community fields, e.g. health, drugs, young people, elderly, homelessness, residential care, through the gate/criminal justice, as well as revenue or building works.

Our Charity Roadmap

A strategic approach to supporting charity growth and increasing your charity's access to funding. Including charity setup, charity compliance, Gift Aid Management, GDPR and Data Compliance, Financial Controls and Accounting.

Tendering for funding projects

We proactively position you to provide projects that local authorities are looking for. Tendering can be challenging but our experience team have been winning tenders for over a decade and know what it takes for your organisation to bid successfully.

Join hundreds of charities that already work with GoodtoGive

GoodtoGive have helped over 400 charities maximise their income since 2009, become one of them.

Start The Funding Process In Just 3 Easy steps!

Step 1

Register your interest

Submit your details via the button below to let us know that you are interested in our funding support service.

Step 2

Funding Assessment

Our team will be in touch to complete an initial assessment and you will be scored on how fit for funding your organisation is.

Step 3

Funding roadmap

We'll get you setup on our Charity Roadmap and begin the process of getting your organisation funding ready.

Your questions answered

Our fee is usually 10-20% of the funding amount. Wherever possible, we will include the cost of the Fundraising Support Service in the application amount you are applying for, meaning that if you are successful, your organisation will virtually be receiving our expert support for free.

GoodtoGive clients will be required to pay a deposit amount prior to accessing the Fundraising Support Service. However, our full fee will only be payable, if your funding application is successful.

GoodtoGive’s has over 25 years experience of successfully winning bids and has helped over 80 clients achieve grant funding and tenders, totalling in excess of £7.5 million.

The deposit acts as a contribution towards the costs associated with delivering the GoodtoGive Fundraising Support Service.

We need to take a deposit prior to applications being submitted, as this is only a contribution and does not cover all our service costs. Without it, we run the risk of investing considerable time, effort and finance and not covering our core delivery costs.

We can assist with end of project reporting. However, this will be an additional cost.

In your contract schedule where applicable, there will be a provision to resubmit a failed application. Please review your contract to see if you have this option.

A decision from funders is often received within 8-12 weeks, provided we receive all the information required e.g. deposit, contract, requested information. Please also note that response times may vary significantly from funder to funder.

Please message us directly via the chat feature on this page or send us a WhatsApp message on 020 7731 2041.

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