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By using our Mobile apps, specially designed envelopes, on site scanner and online Donations, Declarations Management and Marketing System your church will be able to oversee all donations, gift aid declarations, create online donations web pages and monitor Gift Aid claims. We also provide general advice about best practices such as how best to organise your events to qualify for Gift Aid.

We can increase your income

We have found that our approach increases the take-up of Gift Aid declarations which in turn increases your income.

Our specially designed envelope system is aimed at the thousands of charities in the UK that want to proactively manage their Gift Aid and Declarations to help increase their overall funding and maximise the gift aid potential.

Be ready for HMRC

Many charities struggle to effectively manage the declarations and submission process required to achieve their maximum Gift Aid refund and have real concerns about their readiness to undergo a HM Revenue & Customs audit. An unsuccessful audit could mean having to repay your gift aid plus interest or even banned from claiming gift aid all together.

Focus on serving, we'll do the rest

We use modern techniques to collect, store and process your Gift Aid claims. The actual claim is relatively simple once all the correct documentation is in place. Our service enables you to focus on your primary goals whilst we keep the gift aid coming in.

Good to Give delivers a complete solution:

  • We use specially designed envelopes to capture valid Donations and Declarations
  • Should you be audited by the HMRC you have rapid access to any requested information
  • Reduce the risk of lost or damaged declaration forms or envelopes
  • Remove the effort associated with storage and retrieval of paper documents
  • Reduced Treasury work load
  • Send us your old envelopes and we will scan and store them online. Each time a new declaration is received we will scan any unclaimed donations spanning the past 4 years for a match. This feature can significantly increase your claim levels.
  • Create automated communication to your members thanking them for their donations, reminders about your events and Gift Aid requirements
  • Good to Give use a claim system which has been validated by the HMRC

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