Frequently Asked Questions

1What services can you provide for my charity?
We provide a comprehensive declarations management including:
  • Gift Aid donation management
  • GDPR workflow service designed for religious organisations
  • Charity annual accounts
  • Charity registration application
  • HMRC Gift Aid refund services (both current and retrospective)
  • Online donations and marketing
  • Scheduled marketing mail outs via email to members
2Are you HMRC approved?
Yes, our systems have been tested by HMRC and deemed fit for purpose. We work closely with the HMRC to ensure that our systems are 100% compliant.
3How will you manage our gift aid donations for weekly member contributions and visitors to our charity?
Members and visitors will be able to use our envelope donation process.
  1. STEP 1 - The envelopes will be scanned by the charity into our declaration management system.
  2. STEP 2 - Once scanned and verified our system. Any non-conforming donations are flagged to a GTG Administrator. Who will manually correct the donation where possible or place in a queue for the charity to correct when you next log in. A weekly report is sent to the charity notifying you of any outstanding issues.
  3. STEP 3 - once donations have passed verification they are placed in a queue waiting to be claimed.
4How is my workload reduced?

The Treasury’s work load is significantly reduced. There is no longer a requirement to update spreadsheet(s) with member and Visitor donations (these can be several entries depending on the separate donations).

Envelopes are scanned; once envelopes are loaded into the scanner no other work is involved.

The service ensures up to date declarations for the period being claimed or sends email reminders for declarations to be obtained as required.

Periodical Gift Aid claim process commences for the envelope system and online donations from micro-website.

5What are donation charges?

On-line Gift Aid donations are charged at 5% (of donation plus Gift Aid amount), plus VAT.

These rates are competitive within the charitable donation sector. (these charges exclude merchant charges).

There is no charge on the donations made on the donations in the Envelope system. We charge 4% of the (Donation + Gift Aid refund), plus VAT.

6Why do you charge VAT?
As an organisation which provides a service in return for a fee, we do charge VAT. We are currently looking at options which enable us to offer a service and not charge VAT or that allow us to reduce the amount charged.
7How can you help to increase our Gift Aid donations?

Every donation that you received which has not been authorised for Gift Aid is cross referenced with your database of declarations to see if you have an existing declaration which covers it. This is something that Accountants or Administrators are unlikely to do.

Our back office team perform daily checks of error logs created by donation information that is incorrectly completed. Where we cannot make the changes, we get back to you advising a course of action to ensure HMRC standards met. This seriously increases your window of opportunity and increases your claiming capability.

As part of the service and within your easy to use GTG Micro-site we help you launch your on-line marketing campaigns to raise money for new fundraising projects.

You are also able to schedule email to be sent on your behalf. Every email will contain the key message and links to yourThis service is useful for promoting your events to Members. Also remember that the micro-website will also be used to promote your events.

It is important to remember that you are always in control of the information being sent to the members.

8What do you expect from our charity with regards administration of Gift Aid?
We will expect the Treasury within the charity to process envelope donations at regular intervals (at least once a week) into the declaration management system via a scanner.
9What equipment will I need?
You will need computer with access to the internet and a scanner. We may provide an entry level scanner, should we do this the cost will be spread over the term of the service.
10How does your mail out system work?

We work with you to schedule necessary email correspondence to members and visitors.

You are totally in control of what is sent out on your behalf and can stop this service at any time.

Recipients are able to unsubscribe from emails being sent to them at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe option in any received email.

11What does Good to Give offer that is different to the other donation Gift Aid organisations?

There are very few organisations which are able to process envelope donations, and these donations usually require the members of the charity to upload their own donations or require the charity to perform the task and thus increasing the administrative work load for your charity.

We offer a comprehensive envelope and on-line donations management system allowing all your donations to be assembled in one place. This ensures you are able to meet the needs of your members who may not all be used to information technology. Our system is simple but keeps you in control.

At Good to Give we are proud to say that we provide a dedicated case manager for face-to-face meetings and interaction with your charity irrespective of the size.

12Will your process help us with GDPR and reduce the need for storage of all our donation envelopes?

The declaration management system is computer based and all documents scanned by the charity will be saved onto our system. We have a comprehensive electronic record of documentation and donations which is available for use by the charity via the micro-site portal. Our electronic records are saved on a secure server which has several back-up processes to ensure that your data will always be available for you.

The electronic storage of documentation and donation information will enable charities to destroy paper copies of documentation two weeks after scanning. Once we hold your donation history it reduces the need for you to. As your Data processor we take away the need for your to keep a set of your own records provided you enter all your donation information into our system.

13Why should we use the micro-website?

The micro-website will enable your members and supporters to find out about your events, and make donations outside of your regular meeting times.

Donors who make donations on the micro-site can be sent thank you e-mails, and be able to check progress of your worthy causes regularly. Donations made via the micro- website will be sent to the charity once a month.

Responsible persons as decided by the charity will be able to check donation and event fundraising information via the secure micro-website portal, and are able to review donation reports.

14What security measures do you have in place for my data?

The Charity will have to designate responsible person(s) who will access the administration portal of the micro-website. Individual passwords will be issued.

All electronic records are saved on a secure server which has several back-up processes to ensure that your data will always be available for you.

15What is your data protection policy?

Good to Give adhere to the GDPR. We are also governed by the regulations of the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) of which we are a member.

Our data privacy policy can be found on line

16What is the frequency of claiming
Good to Give aim to make claims based on a threshold typically set to £2000 of valid donations. This can vary to avoid old donations falling out of the claimable period. Generally we try to ensure that you receive refunds on a regular basis, rather than annually, which will provide better cash flow for the charity.
17We have a volunteer/person who does what you do. Why should we use your system?

We offer a dedicated reliable service which uses the latest technology to ensure that you spend the minimum amount of time processing Gift Aid but maximise the value of your claims.

Completing the Gift Aid form and receiving a refund is only one small part of managing Gift Aid, which is why we call it Declarations Management.

It is very important to keep an organised and dependable audit trail for when you are audited by the HMRC.

Volunteers have the best intentions but should they fail to claim on time or lose your envelopes or even leave your organisation all of which could cost you financially, regardless the responsibility rests with the trustees to ensure that all the guidelines have been followed and that you are able to respond to the audit requests. Failure to do so can result in having to pay back refunds plus interest and having your future claims held up or even suspended.

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