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What if your church could build a community digitally and increase your income significantly, all from the convenience of a mobile app?

That is the reality that you could experience with the GoodtoGive platform.

Post-COVID, there has been a large and sustained increase in cashless giving and online communities. If your church is not making it easy for your community to engage and give digitally, online and via mobile devices, your organisation will be left behind.

Has your church experienced any of these issues?

If so, our suite of mobile apps can help.

Custom built for churches and their needs

We have developed two mobile apps specifically for churches

Both church apps are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, combined they simplify the giving process and make communication with your members seamless.

The simplest way to fundraise and manage Gift Aid seamlessly, delegate tasks to remote teams and keep members and staff up-to-date.

An easy way for your members and visitors to give, keep-up-to-date with church news and sign-up for events.

Together these apps makes it easy for your church to transition and thrive in an increasingly digital world.


A Real review from a real customer

Since we registered as a charity, another church put me in touch with GoodtoGive and it has made claiming gift aid so easy. I had a meeting with Monique (lovely girl), she took me through a demonstration explaining how they would be able to assist us with retrospective claiming. The process has been very simple, and I am extremely happy with the service.
Pastor Emmanuel
Pastor In Charge of Grace Chapel

The best way for your church to collect donations digitally, manage Gift Aid efficiently and fundraise effectively.

A rich collection of features that are simple and easy to use


Setup Donation Projects (e.g. building fund, winter shelter, tithes and offering)

You can easily set up projects to raise funds for different causes. 

The Church Manager App makes it easy to promote these causes and collect donations. This feature also helps with accounting processes. You can easily control which funds should be allocated to which causes.


Organise your volunteers using Tasks

Quickly and easily group your members, setup tasks for meetings, regular duties and things like band practice. Assign them to individuals or groups. Tasks can be accepted or rejected by members so it's a convenient way to request help from your volunteers.

Add public (within the group) or private notes on your tasks while you work so your team know how things are going.

Get notifications on when tasks have been completed.
Manage your team remotely and track progress on your dashboard.

* Tasks are not available as standard. Let us know if you want it.

Create events

Easily create, share, and fundraise for your projects and events. Notify members and visitors.
Events can be linked to your existing website and forwarded to friends over multiple platforms.
Automatically store events in your members and visitors calendars so they never forget.


Fully automated and integrated donation webpage

Purpose-built giving page created automatically

Every donation project you create can be shared via social media, but it also creates a donation web page, which you can further use to promote your projects and receive donations.

Whether you are raising funds for a food bank, homeless shelter, building fund or anything else, the GoodtoGive Mobile Apps and Donation page provides a safe and solid platform to promote your project and collect donations seamlessly.

You can add photos, a story and a description about the cause you are raising funds for, and share the page across social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.) to gather support. Members, Visitors and Guests can donate online and Members are able to track the progress of the fundraising campaign and their donations in the GoodtoGive Member App.

Real-time feed-back as donations 
are made

a graphic saying yes we can

Make donating fun for your members and visitors

Behind the initial front page, hides a fun reward for your donors. 

The reward can be any image or video which is slowly revealed as the donation amount rises to your target. 

The more interesting the hidden image or video the more it encourages donor participation, excitement and just makes donating fun! 

Imagine you have a picture of the building you want to buy or plans drawn up by an architect. This would be the ideal way to reveal them to your wider congregation!

Display your donation projects on a range of display screens

You can display real-time donations coming into a project on a large screen in a church or remotely whilst using platforms like Zoom and Facebook Live, motivating people to give and support the cause alongside others.
For faster reveals, you would simply set a smaller target so for example a fun Sunday service picture would be quickly revealed during the short time allocated for collections.

All donation projects can be displayed easily from any web browser by logging into our portal using your admin credentials

View giving activity at multiple locations

If your organisation has multiple branches, you can view their performance from the GoodtoGive Management portal. Run reports, track invoices and view Gift Aid claim statuses.

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Maximise your Gift Aid income

We offer the option to process and manage your Gift Aid automatically as donations come through the app. Reducing administration, ensuring a greater percentage of your donations are eligible for Gift Aid.
Import your history:We can import all your previous donations or declarations even if they are on envelopes. We search all previous years for matching Gift Aid declarations to maximise your Gift Aid income. This is unique to our Gift Aid Management process.

Receive donations

Collect donations from anywhere at any time. Your members can make one-off donations, pay their tithes and set-up recurring payments from their mobile phone.

Donors can also run reports on their donation history and download them in Excel or PDF.

If you visit multiple branches you can easily switch to any branch to make your donations.

Run reports on your donations

Encourage your donors who pay tax at a higher rate to claim it back based on their donations. They can run reports straight from the Member app when filling in their tax returns.

Making donations has never been easier!

Whether together or remotely, Members and Visitors can make ad-hoc donations!

Even if your regular members are donating via direct debit, you still need to offer them the additional ability to make quick ad-hoc donations and help them feel connected to your church.

When reaching out through Facebook Live, Zoom or whatever platform you choose, you should always make it easy for members to join your organisation. Our real-time display screen can display a scannable QR code which makes it easy to quickly access our apps on Google Playstore or Apples App Store.

Get up and Running in just 3 Easy steps!

Step 1

Sign-up for free

Our team will ensure that getting setup with a merchant account is simple, also registering you for Gift Aid is required.

Step 2

Download the apps for free

The GoodtoGive Apps are available from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step 3

Get setup!

Our videos and experienced team will help you get the most out of the GoodtoGive Mobile Apps.

What makes the GoodtoGive Mobile Apps different?

The App is supported by a team of experts that are committed to your success

GoodtoGive has been helping churches grow since 2009, and in that time we’ve worked with over 400 churches and hundreds of charities. Our apps are an extension of our commitment to the churches and charitable organisations we serve.

Our online church donation services are designed to provide you with the best tools to manage your donations and contributions. With our cutting-edge technology and dedicated team, you can easily track and manage your donations, receive real-time updates, and access detailed reports.

The GoodtoGive Mobile App team has been working with organisations like yours for over a decade and comprises of experienced Charity Advisers, Accountants, Compliance Specialists and GDPR experts.

Gift Aid management and income maximisation

With our unique system all donations get processed and we wait for up to 4 years for missing information to come in. This means that your church doesn’t miss out on a penny and you receive Gift Aid income on a regular and consistent basis.

Our Church Apps provide a Digital Platform that supports the long-term growth of your organisation

GoodtoGive is a one-stop-shop for the needs of the modern church. As well as the apps we provide a range of services such as Gift Aid Management, Fundraising, Accounting and GDPR Compliance.

Sharing donation projects with your community and beyond

Every donation project you create can be shared via social media and also creates a donation web page, which you can further use to promote your projects and receive donations. Whether you are raising funds for a food bank, homeless shelter, building fund or anything else, the GoodtoGive Mobile Apps provide a safe and solid platform to promote your project and collect donations seamlessly.

Connecting your branches digitally

Our multi-site view means that if you are part of a network of churches, your leadership team can view giving activity across branches. Helping all your leaders to stay up-to-date and informed.

Free administration help desk

Our team will assist you in getting started with the Church Manager App so that your organisation can get the most out of it.

Join hundreds of churches that already work with GoodtoGive

GoodtoGive has supported churches since 2009, enabling more than 400 of them to efficiently manage and maximise their income. With our proven track record of success, we can help your church too. We offer the best church apps and online church donation services, so why not join the many churches that have already benefited from our solutions? Contact our team of experts today so that your church can start benefitting from our church apps.

Easily communicate with your supporters and members

Stay connected and build community with your members wherever they are.

The GoodtoGive Mobile Apps are completely free to download with access to most of the features at no cost

For Clients Using Their Own Stripe Account

Starting January 2024, there will be no admin fee for clients using their personal Stripe accounts. We will only pass on the charges imposed by Stripe for the use of their platform. This ensures that clients are only billed for the Stripe platform usage, with no additional fees from our end.


For Client Using GoodtoGive Stripe Account

As of January 2024, clients who opt to use GoodtoGive’s Stripe will incur a 1% admin fee.

** If you have more than 10 trustees or a complicated legal structure we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £195.

Our Guarantee

Using the GoodtoGive Apps is completely risk free as there are no fees to pay until you start receiving donations through the app.

Are our apps for you?

Our mobile apps are perfect for Church and Charity leaders who want to...

Your questions answered

Our Digital Platform currently comprises of:
1. GoodtoGive Church Manager App – Used by the church/charity Trustees and Leaders
2. GoodtoGive Church Members App – Used by parishioners (members and visitors)
3. A donations webpage which is automatically created by the Church Management app.
4. A donation display page to provide real-time feedback and gamification to encourage donor participation and make donating fun.  



1. We provide a website for clients to view all their donations, monitor gift aid claims, view donations across branches and much much more. We also support traditional means of receiving donations in envelopes through another service we provide, where we install a scanner on your site so you don’t have to worry about storing or transcribing envelopes. 

The future plan is to integrate other services into our platform. 

The App is available for iPhone users on the Apple App Store and for Android users on the Google Play Store.

Where your supporters already make donations direct to the organisations bank account, they can continue to do so.  However, the GoodtoGive Church Member app, makes it easier for a supporter/member to make those one-off donations, run their own reports and manage their Gift Aid declarations. Tithes is often paid but direct debit, but during services, making donations from the app is simple and quick, with minimal effort as the payment card is setup from the minute the member registers.  Your income will also increase by 25% if the member allows the organisations to claim Gift Aid.  The gift aid declaration is also setup up at registration.

The GoodtoGive Mobile Apps provide the most efficient way to receive donations, claim Gift Aid and so much more. As existing clients, we want you to experience all of these benefits.

If you migrate all your members, the apps eliminate the need to buy, scan and process donation envelopes, which means you benefit from cost and time savings which we estimate to be 45p per donation excluding the cost of your time which typically could be one hour per scanning session per week. All this adds up. Think about what you could do with roughly 4 hours a month to devote to other areas of your charity!

All the information we need to process your Gift Aid is transferred directly to us via the app and all donations are transferred to your bank account. We still perform our usual manual checks when our system finds Gift Aid declaration matches against donates for your history with us, helping to maximise your income. An additional time benefit for clients is not having to manage Gift Aid declarations or tithing reports, both of which are handled by the member app.

The Church Member app is the easiest way for your members to donate and stay connected to your church from wherever you they are. Together these apps provide a foundation for your church to thrive and grow in an increasingly digital world.

The GoodtoGive Church Member App has been developed by GoodtoGive in partnership. The partner is a well-established company responsible as at 2018 for hosting over 2500 websites, they have designed 2000 plus websites, and have developed over 400 e-commerce websites.

In developing the app, we have ensured that industry standard best practices has been adhered to, our apps meets the standards required for download by Apple store and Android Play store.

Stripe has successfully managed an online presence for since 2010 and is certified to the highest industry standards with regulatory licenses worldwide.  Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available and is therefore able to offer industry-leading fraud prevention and PCI compliance services. You can confirm Stripe’s certification in Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers.  Stripe also undergoes a PCI Level 1 Service Provider evaluation each year which, again, is the most stringent level of security certification available in the payments industry.

Stripe’s ‘Radar’ process is used on a daily basis to protect their clients from fraud.  All sessions are conducted in a secure encrypted environment, so when donating through their site, you can be sure that you are completely protected.

Merchant Account Providers give charity organisations the ability to accept debit and credit cards in payment for goods and services or donations. The payment provider we use when donations are processed through the GoodtoGive Apps is Stripe.

There is no minimum contract period, organisations using the service have to give a minimum of one month’s notice from the 1st day of the month in which you wish to stop using the service. Cancellation fees do not apply.

We recognise that online security and data protection is important for all our customers. We are committed to employing data and security measures to protect your information from access by unauthorised persons.

Our data privacy policy can be found at

Stripe (Merchant) has defined that there are two classifications of cards, European and Non-European. 

European cards:
Cards that have been issued by financial institutions in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Non-European cards:
Cards that have been issued by financial institutions around the world, out-side of Europe and the United Kingdom

Our merchant partner is Stripe, who take data protection very seriously.

In order to setup your organisation with a merchant account, we are required to send specific trustee information to Stripe, such as Trustee name, Address, email details and date of birth

Using the link below you can review Stripe’s own GDPR policy. 

Like the majority of mobile apps, no training is required features and functions are intuitive and easy to use.  This is the same for the GoodtoGive suite of apps.  The system is tailored to your environment, and organisations using the app will be able to assist new users.

We do have numerous online tutorials and interact web sessions with groups to provide extra knowledge and we are happy to provide support to organisations, if required.

You can download the donation information directly in the management app, however we can claim the Gift Aid for you without additional cost.

The merchant takes 7 days to process your donations.  Donations, minus processing fees are received into your bank account within this time frame.

After 3 months of consistent use of the service, the merchant processing and payment time is significantly reduced to approximately 2 days. 

The GoodtoGive Mobile Apps have been designed to be user friendly with minimal support required by organisations and their users.

We have a management control panel which allows us to configure certain aspects of your environment, assisting them with a smooth transition to using the App.

We also have a series of training videos as which can be used as part of your onboarding process.

We can provide administrative and technical support from Monday to Friday (10am – 6pm), with limited support at weekends.

This is a flexible feature which comes in two parts:

Firstly, a QR Code is displayed on your donation feedback webpage.  The QR Code can be downloaded and used across your social media sites download the GoodtoGive Member App.

Secondly, when donation project is created an external donation webpage is created.  You can use the link to this page on all your social media platforms and your corporate website as a link to your donation event.

In the event that you wish to cease using the GoodtoGive Church App your contract will be terminated after the one months’ notice period. If you require any data from the App you will need to download this in the notice period, as you will no longer have access to the App or data once the notice period has expired.
If you wish to continue using the nominated provider, then Good to Give will terminate its connection with this provider and it will become your responsibility to maintain your Merchant Account with such provider.

When we set-up the merchant account, we also setup your charity’s ability to claim Gift Aid.  We will claim Gift Aid automatically on every donation that qualifies. All Gift Aid monies will be sent directly to your account.

Please message us directly via the chat feature on this page or send us a WhatsApp message on 020 7731 2041.

The reason we charge a fee for our apps is because unlike many other platforms we do not monetise  yours or your donors information.

Also we provide a great service and are dedicated to the clients and communities they serve.

Being one of few minority owned businesses in the UK, we know how difficult it is to compete with other businesses in our chosen industry, but that only makes us more determined to provide the best service and solutions we can to ensure we set the best example to others who may want to start a business and help our clients achieve their goals.

We are grateful for the support from all of our clients across the UK and hope that you too will become another happy customer and support.

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