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“We are very happy with GoodtoGive as they are giving us excellent service. They also make the time to occasionally visit our Gurdwara and discuss our progress with us.”
Mr Harjinder Singh
Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar

Case study: Gurdwara Dasmesh Dabar

We have given back hundreds of thousands of pounds in Gift Aid income to Gurdwaras like yours. Find out how we can help you maximise donations too. Here is how we helped this Gurdwara significantly increase their income through Gift Aid…

About the Charity

Gurdwara Dasmesh Dabar was established as a charity in 2005. It operates in the London Borough of Newham, Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Waltham Forest. It is the pillar of the East London Sikh Community. The Gurdwara promotes education and training by running a Punjabi school to help local students learn English and Punjab, and also provides children with camping holidays and retreats. The Gurdwara aims to advance the Sikh religion, religious services are performed daily and at the heart of all the work they do to benefit their community.
Gurdwara Dasmesh darbar

Their challenge

Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar was not claiming Gift Aid and had little understanding of how to go about it. As a charity, not claiming Gift Aid made the Gurdwara miss out on valuable tax relief income. Lack of sector experts who could manage the Gurdwara’s Gift Aid also enhanced this challenge. There was also the need to align the culture of the Gurdwara and its donors in line with HMRC charity requirements, as compliance with HMRC is necessary for claiming Gift Aid.

Our solution

GoodtoGive asked the Gurdwara to send all donations made using previous receipt books. The information gathered from the receipt book was transcribed onto our online system, where it is now electronically and safely stored, essentially reducing the risk of error or misplacing information. We also provided the charity with access to powerful tools where information, even from years ago, is readily available with the click of a button. This means goodbye to days of prolonged searching for data needed during HMRC audits or for other uses, thus unlocking potentially hundreds of pounds of Gift Aid. GoodtoGive also produced new bespoke receipt books adapted from the Gurdwara’s original books, which enabled them to begin gathering declarations from tax-paying members for the Gurdwara to claim Gift Aid.

The outcome

Our engagement with Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar provided the charity with four desirable outcomes; compliance, structure, accountability and storage. Our system has been tested by HMRC as fit for purpose hence compliance is ensured. The system put in place provides a structured way of working, such that irrespective of whoever performs the task(s), it will be done the same way. Each administrator of the system has private secure login and certain actions performed by the user are logged ensuring accountability. The system stores images removing the need to physically store envelopes in boxes. We have secured hundreds of thousands of pounds in Gift Aid for Gurdwara Dasmesh Dabar over the past decade of working with them.  


The Gurdwara is more than satisfied with their receipt books and the procedure in place for liaising with GoodtoGive and optimising their services. They are now making successful Gift Aid claims on an ongoing and consistent basis.

Why your Gurdwara needs our Gift Aid management service

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Increased income

We help you to improve income and cash flow by successfully claiming Gift Aid retrospectively for donations made in the past. We help you make your donations worth more by claiming 25p extra for every £1 donated to your charity. We also help you to claim another type of Gift Aid known as the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme.

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Increased impact

With increased income, your Gurdwara can increase its capacity to carry out your organisation's mission and effectively serve your community. Gurdwaras supporting their communities in ways that have real impact and effect real positive change, witness an increase in donations. Donors tend to support those that they see making a real difference in the community.

What you get when your Gurdwara signs up for our Gift Aid service


We use modern techniques to collect, store and process your Gift Aid claims. By using our specially designed envelopes, on-site scanner and online donations, valid donations and declarations are captured. Hence, there would be no need for your Gurdwara to keep your donation envelopes for audit purposes. Storage is improved and safer, thus, reducing the risk of lost or damaged declaration forms or envelopes, and removing the effort associated with storage and retrieval of paper documents.

Digital tools and processes

With our mobile apps, your Gurdwara will be able to oversee all donations, Gift Aid declarations, create online donations web pages and monitor Gift Aid claims. No need to key donation information into your accounts system or spreadsheet. We also create automated communication to your donors, thanking them for their donations. As well as reminders about your events and gift aid requirements. This equally reduces the treasury workload. 

HMRC compliance

We provide you with a quality service, expertise and support that ensures your organisation remains compliant to HMRC regulations.  Our Gift Aid system has been tested by HMRC and commended by them as fit-for-purpose, validating the quality of our Gift Aid service. We effectively manage the declarations and submission process required to achieve the maximum Gift Aid refund. While working with us, you will never have to worry about readiness to undergo a HM Revenue & Customs audit. We ensure you stay audit ready.

Gift Aid maximisation

Unlike most Gift Aid solutions, we never stop trying to claim Gift Aid on donations until they are out of the 4-year retrospective claim period set by HMRC. We don’t discard donations until we have exhausted all possibilities. Each time a new declaration is received we will scan any unclaimed donations spanning the past 4 years for a match. Instead of claiming Gift Aid only once or twice in a year, with our system in place, your charity can continually claim Gift Aid at any time of the year,  generating consistent income. Our collaborative system and sophisticated Gurdwara accountancy software keep you in the loop, presenting the problems that need your urgent attention to ensure that any donation to your Gurdwara with potential for Gift Aid is not lost.

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