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With Donation Maximiser, we set out to design gift aid software which would change the way this benefit is processed forever. At the heart of our service, its massive computing power is used to maximise your claims. The result is more gift aid in your hands to do Gods work.

GoodtoGive Mobile Apps

Through our suite of gift aid software, we streamline the church management process to work in seamless conjunction with the Good to Give client portal. Our software for charities allows for management of the following activities:

Setup Donation Projects using our GoodtoGive Church Management App

Receive donations via our GoodtoGive Church Member App – we can process your gift aid

Create events and store in your members diaries

Organise your volunteers using Tasks

Members can run reports on their donations

Church administrators can run reports on their donation projects

And much more.

Gift Aid Declaration Management

Declarations are the key to a successful gift aid claim. They are the contract between the donors and HMRC which is why we treat them with care. Each one is converted into a digital equivalent so it can be quickly retrieved or matched to a donation.

Fast Submission Management

Our system electronically delivers your claim straight into HMRCs computer system, massively speeding up how quickly your claim is paid.

Automated Donation to Declaration Matching

The advantage to you is simple. Every donation which has not been claimed on in the past 4 years is checked each time a new Gift Aid declaration hits the system to see if we have any previous donations from that donor. The same thing also happens if a new donation hits the system.

Why is this important?

Donors may visit your charity multiple times in a year, making donations but not completing a gift aid declaration.

In most cases these envelopes will be disposed of, prohibiting a gift aid claim. Gift aid software ensures that this is correctly logged allowing for a successful claim further down the line.

Using our service all donations are scanned indexed and stored.

Let’s say the donor returns 2 years later and completes a gift aid declaration. Overnight, Donation Maximiser will match their donations to the new declaration and add it to your current balance waiting to be claimed.

Automated Reporting to Trustees and Senior Staff

Empowering your senior team is key to making gift aid successful. The more everyone knows about the issues and successes, the more inspired everyone becomes. We send out a useful reports to ensure everyone is kept in the loop.

Donation Envelope Scanning & Transcribing

'Count it, Write the amount on it and Scan it'. . Gift aid envelopes can be scanned so you don’t have to store them. Save time avoiding transcribing your donations into your accounting system or spreadsheets. Our gift aid software keeps all your data in a centralised location where it can be easily accessed in the future or when needed.

Our service keeps all your gift aid data safe.

Use of Good to Give Gift Aid Envelopes

Donations are taken using our specially designed gift aid envelopes. Your regular members are given a membership number which acts as their gift aid reference number.

Creation of Email Marketing Templates

Staying in regular touch with your members is an important way to spread your message and grow your membership. Email marketing is an add-on to our service which enables you to schedule personalised emails to be sent out weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to your members and/or visitors.

Every personalised email contains your logo, message, a list of your top 5 events and an unsubscribe option.

Create Online Events & Receive Online Donations

Although many charities rely on donations as their primary source of income, many do not take advantage of the internet to promote their message and raise funds.

Our add-on fundraising events page allows you to easily create web pages for your charitable activities. Think of a unique name for your event web-link, fill in the form and off you go. All your web pages will look great and more importantly have a Donate and or Registration button.

Depending on your preference you can use our domain name:

Work-Flow for Donation Errors

If we spot any errors whilst processing your donations we can make them available to you via your personal login with notes explaining the issues. You can make the corrections electronically and pass it back to us for processing. This is one of the leading benefits to our gift aid software and has the potential to save you weeks in waiting times.

HMRC Audit Management

Many charities justifiably have real concerns about their readiness to undergo a HM Revenue & Customs audit. An unsuccessful audit could mean having to repay your claim plus interest, prevent you claiming on the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme and increase the change of further audits in the future. This is why we manage Audits for all our premium clients. This is just one of the services we offer through our software for charities suite.

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