Outreach Funding Management

It's been our mission from the start to help charities grow, improve and operate more efficiently, using our services and support, their influence in society and ability to do good can flourish. One of the key questions we are often asked is..

"How can we raise funds to support our activities?"

Funding providers

Our focus is to deliver...

Outcomes Based Project Delivery.

If you are looking to reach a more diverse range of charities with unique insights into some of the social challenges we see today then you have come to the right place. Have you been tasked to deliver..

  • Outreach
  • Social Care
  • Community initiatives
  • Government initiatives
  • Looking for Funding?

    It's always been our mission to help churches grow, improve and operate more efficiently, helping them extend their influence in their communities and increase their ability to do good. Many churches have resources that are under-utilised such as premises, enthusiastic member, trustees with specific skill sets who wants to put their time and talent to good use. Some of the main stumbling blocks for churches trying to acquire funding is the initial application, ongoing management and reporting back to the funder.

    Our service is designed to resolve these issues, insuring that all parties are in sync and outcomes and objectives are satisfied.

    We want to work with

    Funding providers and initiatives such as..

  • Trusts
  • Government departments
  • Local authorities
  • Businesses
  • Social Impact Bond (SIB)
  • The National Lottery Community Fund
  • Life Chances Fund
  • Obtaining funding

    If you're interested in obtaining funding to deliver community outreach projects please complete the online application form. We've tried to keep it simple. It's important you complete it carefully to enable us to align you to the correct funding provider or team you up with other charities.

    Please be realistic about your resources and capabilities.

    There is a quality control component which evaluates your capabilities to ensure you can deliver what you say.

    Working with GoodtoGive

    "Payment-by-results contracts for locally developed projects."

    Good to Gives provides funders with a valuable reporting and management layer across our carefully selected delivery partners curated from our extensive client base who provide a range of community outreach services.

    What is service delivery monitor

    Service delivery monitor is a web based tool which allows us to design a programme of tasks and deliverables, assign those tasks and deliverables to resources and interact on a very straightforward basis between all parties coordinating all activities. Periodically a progress report is sent to all parties highlighting where progress has been made or due dates missed. Visibility of the bottlenecks and overall project is key to delivering positive outcomes.

    A hands on service

    Our SDM team are enthusiastic and focused on project delivery, coordinating and staying on top of all parties to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our ongoing effort qualifying our clients and assessing their capabilities, community interests, resources and availability, enables us to maintain a community outreach delivery matrix which we align to appropriate funders.

    Peace of mind

    There is a disconnect between the funders who have money available to achieve specific community outcomes and the charities with resources to help deliver those outcomes. What we do is bridge that gap by providing a service which brings together funders and our clients but addresses the concern on both sides by leading our project delivery experience to our clients helping them deliver better outcomes and providing a central place for funders to oversee multiple projects.

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