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Unlocking Finances, Liberating Missions

We believe in the power of giving and the profound impact it has not only on the receiver but also on the giver.

Our core message is grounded in enabling charities like yours to harness the potential of Gift Aid—unlocking additional financial support that can significantly propel your initiatives forward.

Tailored Support for Faith-Based Charities

Your commitment is to your community and your faith. Our dedication is to you—providing bespoke services that dovetail with the unique challenges and opportunities faith-based organisations encounter.

With GoodtoGive, you can wave goodbye to the stress and welcome a hassle-free approach that maximises your Gift Aid income.

Forget about the cumbersome administrative burden that Gift Aid management used to signify. Our intuitive platform takes the complexity out of Gift Aid. 

Claim Gift Aid Retrospectively

Through our unique Gift Aid maximisation process, we are able to reach back into your Gift Aid history and make claims retrospectively, as far back as 4 years.

We ensure that no Gift Aid income goes unclaimed.

GoodtoGive have been helping charities increase their impact and income since 2010.

We’ve given over £17 million to faith-based charities across the UK.

Empowering Churches with the GoodtoGive Mobile App

In today’s digital age, engaging with your community and maximising donations has never been more accessible. Our Mobile Apps are specially designed for churches seeking to elevate their contribution collections and member engagement through technology.

Instant Donations: Enable your congregation to contribute instantly with a few taps on their smartphones, anytime and anywhere, ensuring your church receives consistent support.

Engage More Members: With features aimed at increasing community engagement, our app helps you keep your congregation informed and connected, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and participation.

We Simplify Your Accounting Process For Peace Of Mind

Our charity accounting services go beyond the basics of managing your charity’s financial transactions.

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs and objectives of each individual charity, and our experienced team provides a comprehensive suite of accounting solutions that can help you maximise efficiency, increase transparency and ensure compliance with regulations.

Increase your access to funding with the GoodtoGive Charity Roadmap Client Spotlight An image of Pastor Arnold. We’d like to highlight Pastor Arnold Barrientos of Jesus is Lord Church Oxford, UK. Jesus is Lord Church has been a much-valued client of GoodtoGive since 2017.

We have worked directly with Pastor Arnold for the last couple of years when he joined the Oxford church and we appreciate the work he is doing in the Filipino community through the Jesus is Lord Church Oxford, UK. We thank him for journeying with us!

If you’re a client of GoodtoGive and would like the leader of your organisation to be spotlighted here on our website, please click the button below.
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An image of Des Stewart and Cory Belfon.

Where Business Meets Ministry

The Business of Church podcast is a forum where we discuss the intersection between business and ministry. We explore the challenges, solutions and benefits of embracing a business mindset when managing a non-profit organisation.

We’ve helped 100’s of church leaders to increase their income and impact over the past 14 years and we’ve seen firsthand the difficulties Pastors face when trying to balance the spiritual aspects of running a ministry with the practical more business-related aspects.

This podcast is hosted by our Founders Des Stewart and Cory Belfon who not only understand the needs of church leaders in the area of finances and organisational management, but are seasoned entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses from the ground up. Tune in for engaging and insightful interviews with some of the UKs premier thought leaders in the Christian community!

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