Gift Aid Management: Your Complete Charity Package

Gift Aid Management: Your Complete Charity Package

gift aid management

GoodtoGive offers Gift Aid management for faith-based charities. If you’re considering registering your organisation as a charity you’ve no doubt already done your homework.  You know that with an annual income of over £5,000 you can benefit from the significant financial advantages charity status provides including

  • Income tax exemptions
  • Reduced business rates on occupied buildings
  • Special VAT treatment

the list goes on…

So, if your goal is greater financial freedom for your organisation then charity registration makes complete sense.  If only it were that straightforward. Unfortunately, the charity registration process can be long winded and time-consuming, at least in the initial stages.

GoodtoGive provide a comprehensive charity package and Gift Aid Management with support for everything; from charity registration right through to charity accounts and gift aid management.  As experts in our field, we’ll assist you in obtaining all the necessary information to complete your registration and ensure that you decide on the right charitable body to meet your needs.

Not a Registered Charity?

GoodtoGive offers complimentary services to religious charities. We understand that not every organisation is a registered charity and we can arrange this for you. Talk to us about how you can take advantage of the financial benefits such status brings. Call us today on 020 7731 2041

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